Author School Visits

What I do at school visits

Inviting me to do an author school visit at your school can inspire your students to read more and write their own stories. The following are some of the presentations that I can do when I visit your school:

Story Creation Fun: How to Write and Create Stories

I give an interactive presentation that explores the fun and exciting world of books, while teaching students how to write and create their own stories using plot, characters, and setting.  If there's time, I'll also read from one or two of my books (About 45-50 minutes).

Kindergarten class visits: Readings and Q&A

Since kindergarten age students sometimes have a hard time sitting through a 45-50 minute presentation, as part of my author school visit I offer the free option of separately visiting with the kindergarten students. During the kindergarten visit I'll read from my books and answer the students and teachers questions. (1-2 visits for about 10-15 minutes each).

From Creative Writing to the Sciences: Leveraging Children's Literature in Lesson Plans (Teacher In-service)

While not part of my author school visits, I am open to presenting at teacher in-service and other educator conferences, where I can present a unique perspective on how you can leverage your favorite children's books to play a critical educational and entertaining role in your lesson plan development for a wide spectrum of curriculum topics. (About 45-50 minutes).

Other Topics

If desired, my author school visit can be tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your school or event. Please contact me for more information.

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