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Lessons Plans and Activities

Comparing & Contrasting Lesson Plan: Cow and Dragon Compare & Contrast  (Elementary Grades K-5)

Five Senses Lesson Plan: Dragon Fun Learning the Five Senses  (Preschool and Elementary Grades PreK-2)

Narrative Writing & Reading Core Skills Lesson Plan: Story Creation Magic: Character, Setting, and Plot  (Elementary Grades 1-6)

Phonemic Alliteration Lesson Plan: Delightful Dragon’s Amazing Alliterations (Elementary Grades PreK-2)

Reading Comprehension Lesson Plan: Dragon Comprehends Key Ideas and Details   (Elementary Grades K-3)

Recognizing Patterns in Music and Children’s Literature Lesson Plan  (Elementary Grades K-2)

Monster Fun Learning the Five Senses  (Preschool and Elementary Grades K-2)

Being Brave and Dealing with Fear (Preschool and Elementary Grades K-2)

Brave Monster Arts & Crafts  (Preschool and Elementary Grades K-2)

Writing Instruction Videos

Plots Made Simple: Basics of Plot Development (Grades 1 to 12, and older)

Raising Plot Tension to Engage Readers (Grades 2 to 12, and older)

Importance of Plot Focus in Short Stories and Picture Books (Grades 2 to 12, and older)

Picture Book Writing for Non-Artists (All grades and ages)

From Other Sources

Putting Books to Work: Science, Art, Math, English Cross-curricular Connections with Dragons by Kathy Prater, IRA Reading Today Online (Prescchool and Elementary Grades K-4)

Old MacDonald had a Dragon     Cow Can't Sleep       Brave Little Monster

Old MacDonald had a Dragon

Cow Can't Sleep cover art

Brave Little Monster
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