Brave Little Monster - Bedtime picture bookBRAVE LITTLE MONSTER relates the humorous bedtime exploits of a young monster trying to go sleep while a scary little girl hides in his closet eating ice cream and a little boy colors under his bed. The wonderful illustrations by Geoffrey Hayes and fun storyline by Ken Baker make BRAVE LITTLE MONSTER a perfect bedtime story for little monsters everywhere.


"Little monsters fear little girls and boys hiding in their rooms in this delightful parody of a nightly bedtime ritual…. Newcomer Baker brings humor to a situation that often has children in tears and parents unable to cope." (Kirkus Reviews)  

"Add this one to your collection of bedtime books. It's a humorous story that will show kids that even if there is a monster under your bed, it' s probably more scared of you than you are of it!"  (Hedgie Review from Hedgehog Books) 

"Hayes's colorful artwork is clever... Telling a tale from the monster's point of view is an enticing concept." (School Library Journal)

"Baker's use of role reversal puts a unique spin on the bogeyman story line that should delight young readers." (Pittsburg Post-Gazette)

BRAVE LITTLE MONSTER is available at Amazon in paperback and ebook. Scholastic sometimes makes it available through their Book Club too.

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