Helping Children Deal with Fear

Resources for Parents and Teachers

Brave Little Monster has been used in a variety of settings to help children deal with both real and imaginary fears. 

Activities and Lesson Plans

Home and classroom puppet-making and reading activity - "Being Brave" Monster Puppet Making Activity Classroom lesson plan, puppet-making activity, and reading - Being Brave and Dealing with Fear

TV Special News Feature

Watch a news special aired by Channel 5 KSL News in Salt Lake City, Utah called Tips to help your child overcome fear at Halloween.

Newspaper and Magazine Articles

Read about how Brave Little Monster has been used in both the classroom and by clinical child psychologists as reported in this Deseret News article: Monster' Helps Calm Fears - PDF version or html version.

Find out why children have nightmares, how to help children deal with them, and ways to prevent them,cincluding reading Brave Little Monster to your children as explained in this ParentCenter article: Nightmares: Why they happen and what to do about them - PDF version or html version


Radio and Podcast Interviews

Brave Little Monster was featured on the Producer Revolution Radio network on August 3, 2006 in a hour long segment focusing on helping children and adults deal with fear and anxiety. The show was hosted by Dr. Paul H. Jenkins, a clinical psychologist, with guests Jenny Cannon, a therapist specializing in childhood anxieties, and Ken Baker, author of Brave Little Monster. The following represent short excerpts from the interview:  

- Background on Brave Little Monster and its author

- Using stories to help children relate to and face their fears and anxieties

- Taking active steps to address real and imaginary fears

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