Writer's Conferences, Workshops, and Other Events

I present at writers' conferences, writing workshops and other writing events. The following are some of my presentation topics:

Writer's conferences and workshops

Dissecting the Picture Book: What Makes the Story Work

Takes an in-depth look at the key elements that are integral to creating a successful picture book story. This presentation can be adapted to also apply to all genres of fiction writing (About 60 minutes).

Beginnings, Middles, Endings: Creating a Full Circle Story

Hands-on workshop that explores the keys to writing strong beginnings, middles, and endings, and then tying them all together into a cohesive and powerful story. Applicable to all genres of fiction writing (2 to 3 hours, depending on specific needs).

Teacher in-service and education conferences

From Creative Writing to the Sciences: Leveraging Children's Literature in Lesson Plans

Geared toward teacher in-service and other educator conferences, I present a unique perspective on how you can leverage your favorite children's books to play a critical educational and entertaining role in your lesson plan development for a wide spectrum of curriculum topics. (About 45-50 minutes).

What people say about my event presentations

"Ken Baker knows what he is talking about. His presentations are informative, clear cut and to the point as well as full of excellent information. He's one of the best speakers I have seen recently."
Carol Lynch Williams - Children's Author and Co-Organizer for the UVSC Forum on Children and Literature 2005

"Ken tied both language arts basic curriculum objectives and life skill acquisition to children's literature. He provided specific examples that teachers could use in any classroom. His presentation cut across content areas, ages, and grades. He shows how easy it is to link lessons to literature."
Wanda Heaton - UCTE/LA Conference Chair Fall 2003

Scheduling me for an event

To schedule me for your next event, simply contact me by e-mail at [ken at kenbakerbooks dot com], letting me know your planned date, time, location, contact information, and any other applicable information.

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